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We believe that the old folk saying “you always think better with your feet under a table” is right: Tour Gourmet was born late on an autumn evening by seven friends.

They were seated at a dinner table – well “laid up” of course - talking on the historical origin of “bagna caôda” (Piedmont speciality) and the correct ranking to attribute

 to a “vivace” Barbera del Monferrato DOC 2000 or to a Barbera d’Asti Superiore

DOC 1999, traditionally refined in oak casks from Slavonia.

 What better omen for a tour operator intent promoting wine-gastronomy tourism?


Tour Gourmet - Art Design Travel is…


Tour Gourmet Art Design Travel is…born with a specific wine & food and outdoor natural bent, able to offer a complete and well organised set of services to world-wide “gourmands” and to art design lovers: the continuous presence and assistance of experts, meetings with emotional personalities of eno-gastronomic and art-design world; cookery and wine cocktail lessons; wine, salami, cheese, olive-oil and vegetables tasting classes; technical seminaries; seasonal and local menus widely explained by experts; meeting with artists, artisans and designers; outdoor amusing discovery tours; all this embellished with exciting “immersions” into the natural, country, craft and artistic world. The experiential tourism is today finding in Tour Gourmet the best synthesis in the tourism field in Italy!                                                                              


Tour Gourmet Art Design Travel is… an organisation of targeted and nice itineraries, for individuals and little groups. Beginning from a broad ranging selection of daily, short breaks and weekly itineraries in Piedmont, the tourist offer of Tour Gourmet progressively increased by inserting all other Italian Regions and French Districts, mixing together the many facets of the visited lands so to let the client/guest discover and share the surrounding micro-world.

Tour Gourmet Art Design Travel is the new brand…. born on May 2016 to connect two Italian symbols: culture&design and wine&food excellences, which all the world attribute to our Country: 54 UNESCO heritages, great and large quality number of top level artists and stylists, designers, architects and fashion companies. The ideal partner for emotional deep immersion into great cultural Italian heritage and the possibility to enjoy the real life of the inhabitants.

Tour Gourmet Art Design Travel is… organisation of incentive travels and wine-gastronomy art-design exhibitions; of congresses and conventions; of cooking and cocktail preparation lessons; of wine-gastronomy feast banquets and seminaries; it’s an instructor for single theme professional courses and entertainment for entire days and theme evenings; it’s creator of sportive and folk events and a “tasty” entertainer; the launch ramp and thrust behind promotion-advertising launches for territories and products.  

Tour Gourmet Art Design Travel is… the most suitable reply to the desire to understand and deeply penetrate that marvellous and fascinating country world that today permeates the most highly qualified Italian catering, carefully interpreting the traditions of the area it operates in. Tour Gourmet is a coming back to  an ancient world, offering a selection of itineraries of different lengths and places with precise themes, but a world ready to be redesigned “ad hoc” to any specific gourmet and cultural tourist demand.

Tour Gourmet and Art Design Travel are… the ideal partner for authorities, consortia, companies, associations, groups, and the general public intending to promote and/or gratify themselves through the vehicle of outdoor experiences, deep knowledge of the territory traditions, wine & food, outdoor and ambiental, art craft and design cultural tourism.


Tour Gourmet and Art Design Travel areItalian incoming tour operator specialised in local cultures and in the promotion of their more hidden and fascinating aspects; it organizes events, exhibitions, workshops, tasting, team building and professional training. It means travelling for a cultural enrichment in the world of nature, agricultural production, cuisine, festivals and historical events, design craft and art: of and at all latitudes.


Tour Gourmet and Art Design Travel mission is … B2B project, born to develop a new art of travel, focused on the real Italian Life of Style, trough welcome art, architecture, craft, culture, design, wine&food and 54 UNESCO heritages. The guests can discover and enjoy Italy with selected tours that can be utilized ever; tour combined with Italian special events; tailored tours and emotional deep experiences which can be integrated into your usual travels.


All the programmes, short breaks or weekly itineraries, can be personalised according to customer’s specific requirement: visit www.tourgourmet.it and www.artdesigntravel.com and call us for details and more information on tours, services, possible changes,  costs and programmes. Tour Gourmet stays at your disposal.


Choose the real Italian culture and eno-gastronomy

as your involving and sharing next destination:

… you’ll enjoy the Italian style of life!!


Tour Gourmet  Art Design Travel  is…

 “taste and pleasure”: the taste of unforgettable wines and food, the taste of old recipes, the pleasure of new artistic trend, the pleasure of meeting with artists and artisans and designers, the taste of knowledge, the pleasure of rediscovery,

 the taste of savouring, the pleasure of hearing, the taste of seeing,

 the pleasure of getting together; the taste of knowledge and the pleasure of knowing each other, the taste of living, the pleasure of experiencing emotions.


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From Italy around the world with style - Aus Italien rund um die Welt mit Klasse - de Italia en el mundo con sabor - dall’Italia nel mondo con gusto - de l’Italie dans le monde avec classe
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